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Article Taken from "Christmas Trees" Vol 46 #3 Summer

This story began in 1991 in a small high school in South Georgia, farming country where a boy and girl would meet for the first time. In a small town, everyone knows everyone, but the time was not right for them to become close.

Matt and Kelly went on to marry in 2014, where they turned their two families into one! 

With God as the head of the family, he placed a dream in the heart and mind of Matt to begin a christmas tree farm in Pitts, GA. This dream involved Kelly and all four children, Ava, Katelyn, Kameron, and Carter, having an active part with Matt at the Christmas tree farm. 

The land to plant the tree seedlings was bought from Kellys father, Freddy Thompson, a multi generational farmer. The first three seedlings were planted in 2017 in the former cow pasture. Everyone In the family pitched in and other family members helped, too, hand planting each seedling for a total of 600 trees that year. The family planted Leyland Cypress, Murray cypress, Blur Ice cypress, Carolina sapphire and Green giants. 

The couple decided on naming their tree farm, Barnard & Thompson CHRISTmas tree farm. The name for the farm stemmed from the joined couples last name, Barnard, Kelleys maiden name to continue the multi-generational Thompson Farm and Jesus Christ being the reason and the main focus of her dream. 

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